From the abyss, pace yourself

as you ascend to the rippled top

Breach and breathe

Wade and wait

Debate on your next direction

Either let the tide take you

or go against the flow to a place

You don’t even know

But it is not here and it’s not there

It’s somewhere where burdens are hopefully

easier to bear

Photo by Matt Hardy from Pexels

Let it go; move on

Not cause it’s the right

thing to do, but cause

There is so much more pain

In store for you


I lost myself in the echo

It wasn’t the initial attack but

The venom that had me unraveling

Brood of vipers

venomous since they were in diapers

Raised by sheep with wolf fat

In between their teeth


Have you ever stopped to marvel

At civilization: this carnival

Billions of people living out fantasies

Fueled by internal emotions

But here is a question

If everyone is in despair and lonely

Then why is there so much discord

Are we all victims or are we all pretenders

Do we strike out of shameful reluctance

or are we suited only for battle

the dry taste of loneliness driving us closer

to each other for an easy drink of spilled blood


another day, another pill

Next month there will be a refill

Better than tunneling through my head with a drill

Be good or be good at appeasing their kind

Take a pill to keep quiet while they riot

I will not bear your cross

Get whipped for your sins

Bow my head for your shame

Cower because you are too full of bravado

You will not teach me a lesson

Not through blood not through scolding

Indoctrination by each institution

Look what type of freak you molded me into

I will not fight for your cause

Cause you invoke obedience through fear

I will not bend my knee in protest nor pledge allegiance

You all deserve worse than that

Time is of the essence and you deserve to get your lesson

If society chops off the hand of the robber, then society deserves worse for producing the thief

They can’t hear me

their assumptions

too deafening


Does society make you better

by making you feel like shit

or is society a battering ram

we keep jumping in front of

While rationalizing

some type of karmic connection


As adults, we never lose our imagination

We just learn how to masquerade it;

No longer do we play pretend

we just pretend

This Monday morning

did the week start over

or did we just rollover

in bed and start mourning


it’s not that they can’t see

that you are wounded.

They just find it a tasty morsel of a sight.

It’s not that they can’t hear

your banshee cries

They just enjoy the noise


Even hatred is conditional

Some get it worse than others

The one that gets the fist

isn’t the same who gets

the destructive nature of spoken word

Note to self

The problem is that you are 
deadest on believing there is an outside world 
opposed to the inner.

There is only one world
consisting of what is inside. 

We are the outcome of 
personal interruption
Therefore, the ego creates all ramifications 
and is responsible for all manifestations

With time things grow. 
Being content with relying on the ego 
Is the only way to allow 
Things to flow

It is never a factor of the past 
That is just a play with a rotating cast

The human psyche has layers which have layers
There is always rhyme and reason
It all depends on how truthful we are
With ourselves

What is beauty

Is it in the eye of the beholder

when you behold her.

Or is it a kaleidoscope of facial features

Twisted in just the correct pattern

Or Is beauty the conformity of symmetry

with the discord of unbalance chemistry

or in kind, maybe it’s an asymmetric face

masking a pretty mind.

Or a hodgepodge of both potentials

Or maybe seeing beauty is just

Static and untapped lust

on the cusp of coming to a boil

or maybe finding beauty is just acknowledging

the peephole to view the soul of another.

Scribbles of a mad man 4

Opposite the grain

Brain a rebel

Mind a raging bull

Body an empty frame

Heart discarded the artwork


Drifting while trying to fit in

The anger inside causing a rift and

Making peace unrealistic; useless misfit

above the doors of my inner being is a misprint

“Abandon all your hope,” should read, “the water is cold

and you are sure to lose more than hope”


I brought the gasoline

Do you have a match by chance?

Stand back; time to light society on fire

I’ll burn down this city just so you can see the light

And me in all my shades of darkness


The weight of the world

Is nothing in comparison to the pressure

Of attempting to fulfill expectations

Expect ramifications even if you succeed


They are so irrational

Their ill-intentioned criticism pitiful

For they truly think it’s willful

When someone wants to down a mouthful

Of pills

The blindfold over lady justice’s eyes

is sheer but she still swings that sword

As though blind and innocent

While knowing some sins

are heavier than others

In the eyes of citizens.

Therefore, the scapegoat heads always roll

so the lady’s head doesn’t first

The desert of the real

Isn’t even hidden from view

Or requires a long trip in an automobile

It’s the world presented by media, askew

Without the lens, you will see no one wins

The world is lit up by torches; angry mobs on both sides

Nature is in a dreadful state

Therefore we are feeding on the sick

Photos of bombs or photobombs

The camera lens still lies to excite your eyes

Since we can’t see beyond what we can see

soon we will be meat for the flies

Photo by @seb from Pexels