They are falling apart

but won’t admit it

Such utter commitment

to appearances

is a will to malignant progression

which in truth is a lust

for regression

back to the stardust that created us

because life is a state of adaption

not pretty stagnation

Seabed love

It can survive the pressure of

heavy-hearted replies

and the salty bitterness of rejection

while being deep enough to

swallow several burnt bridges

with plenty of room to accept more

as new construction is attempted

You are the soil

Gardeners depend on you

to nurture the seed

so it can grow towards the light

while your void keeps

the roots cozy

wet roots but warm leaves

complex duality is the essence of fertility

You can’t sterilize

your humanity

You feel therefore you are

Then thoughts rationalize


I hate theoretical beginnings

with implied pasts.

“In the beginning there was…”

But what was before the beginning

That made the beginning begin

The thought torments


Burning bush but wet roots

Indirect education

is when you water everything

but the swaying flames


You wouldn’t believe it

Even as I acquit

I can’t quit feeling guilt

Stabbed in the heart to the hilt

more than once

I didn’t even run as I apologized

I’m such a dunce


I have vexing eyes

and my pride

is a neglected heap for the flies

I don’t know why

but most days

I am barely getting by


Popping pills and huffing smoke

Not just to get high

But to keep me from wanting to die

Hardly works

Cause I got too many quirks

Ever stop and marvel at the beauty

The cosmos is all around

and we are lost in its sauce

alone but warm

alive but not owned

we are abandoned children

running our own nursery and daycare

thinking our asinine civilization is due care


God is the brightest blindspot  

in our overly illuminated minds

cause everybody is enlightened

Street smarts, college degrees, and the esoteric

Everyone knows how to change the world

For the better

or just to survive

as though society was a fit of bad weather


Ever stop and shiver in fear

Like a werewolf pondering on bullets of silver

We are all alone

Something nonexistent can’t pick up a phone

Do you get a quiver

when you are informed by the uniformed

Business suits and pearly smiles

telling you how the world is filled with crimes

then they turn on a dime

And rant on about random acts of kindness

acts perfectly cultured like a nursery rhyme


Call me insane but it is plain

to see that this phenomenon we call life

is just elaborate strife

“life is what you make it…”

You are burning at the stake

And still trying to fake

a sense of cool, I see

My poems from day to day are so contradictory, but its fun to toy with different ideas

The difference between productivity

and creativity

which is manifested divinity

is the internal compulsion

to be fiscally inspired

where you are freshening blandness

making sure it stays unexpired


someone aims at you with a gun

Fun times, right?

At that moment their authority

takes priority

but your preeminence has seniority

It is you they are threatening

cause you represent something of value

To sweet talk them out of aggression

is to remind them of their tiny authority

Which never changed

they always could either do or not do

so, stay calm


Once you lose the whole shebang

you are everything

You took your fears and with jubilance

proceed to defang

Let it nibble with its sore gums

At this point, negative self talk

Is a dead dog that is all bark

The mother asked ‘salvation’

for a favor

Complexity is of the devil

It tempts and comes in many flavors

but a sickly mindset starts

when something makes you ‘confused’

—No, irony never dawns on me

But what is confusion

“A feeling of something being irrational…”

But how can something irrational be translatable

we just assume agreement

Like blue is blue

yet no one can prove the hue

anyway, we are being pulled into the depths

of a black hole

high vibration entities

are the closes to the singularity

who is known as God

they can’t help but be critical

cause they take orders from perfection:

absolute comprehension

narrowed down to a single

undebatable point

Why did you do this to me, God

Broadly speaking I hate it here

And when I talk to the locals

I feel like a fraud presenting a façade

“Well, my child, this is wild

But you’re my brainchild

Your social skills I deliberately defiled

And in its place I compiled

Many spiritual gifts”

I feel reviled while you are beguiled

My progress gets you off

I don’t think our relationship can be


“How can you reconcile

The crest with its trough

Or a breath with a cough?

You act like I made you apteral

Flightless in a world without soil

But in truth you are adaptable

In a world that is foundationless

Where libraries embody capaciousness

But attendees have flimsy intellect

With the force of a light breeze.

Their imagination is a pale fabrication

Instilled by the school system

But I gave you a will for analyses

And gave them sleaze

To appease a need to be part of a crowd”

The insanity of humanity is quite baffling

They clean bastards in a baptistry

but the waters can’t clean the sanctity

seeping out the flesh cause the soul

is incorruptible so there is no

culpable negligence truly worth

the evilness of judgment which is just

civil pettishness


I think the same way you binge-watch:


But I embody fecundity

While Netflix just makes you a shade

darker of nullity.

Yet production increases

toys for flesh bots

everyone looking to be entertained

distracted from a mundane livelihood of



You live by law; I live life by the step forward

After each fall.

I got so much gall

But I know playing it safe isn’t a cure-all

You an outdated alchemist

I’m a dogmatist with ancestors enslaved

By American colonists.

But I swear to my mama

that I don’t want you to

Accept my dogma;

you will make it look bad