I would rather be alone and easy prey

for those that pray to win a painless fray

it’s mean but I have to say

that society is an ashtray for the celestial

I have to clear my airway; I’m allergic to the decay

They rather frown but don’t want to be hailed as a clown

So, when they smile its dismay on display

I can hear your exasperation but let me relay

It is simply cliché at this point to call me a rebel

I am well adapted to slander; my ego finds solace in a clam shell

Cause when its dark out you have to protect your inner light

There is a problem with this place, dare I say

Your body is nothing but a buffet for pathogens, per se

We forget our traumas as we reproduce

So we are producing fresh produce that by five longs for a noose

Therefore, let us admit it

The path to the next generation is through a web of lies, crochet

I need no one cause to be partnered in a bobsleigh

is love for its own sake and seems fake

Even to say, “it’s positive for Christ’s sake!”

Makes me want to fall asleep alone and never wake

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