I’ve been losing sanity but finding peace

Sounds like a fair trade; considering,

My lease on life kept being extended

Even with a blade to my wrist

Tempting an inner beast to savor the taste of blood

It was like I was boozing heavily with no relief

Day after day falling into a toxic belief

“There is no way out of this hell”

Well, now I know there is no way out

Like being lost in a roundabout

But insanity is a fine state for me


They are scratching out the facts like playing with turntables

Melodic lies from the melodramatic

They got my name twisted so sadistically

enemies are eying me like I’m biscuits and gravy

or the flutter of a short skirt

gluttony or lust

whatever sin floats your boat

but the point is is that I don’t gloat

I just give you a keynote drifting about my head

But to witness my ego would require a rowboat to transverse the moat

Between my castle of glass and everyone else


I can flip quicker than a leaf on the breeze

Sad to happy; happy to the pits of despair

No time to prepare in a world where nothing is fair

Just for a glare, they will strip you bare

I love nothing in this world;

that’s life without a care

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