To see another perspective

is to lose your perspective

Empathic trance; down another rabbit hole

But the high is always interrupted

when your perspectives merge,

you forget the motivation

of the perspective that cared to be empathic

Apathy arises; syncing canceled

Some of my favorite times on this planet

was playing pretend with you

Everything was either evil or heavenly

The whole shebang debatable;

hostile anger was always cultivatable

Siding with or against pundits and celebs on topics

While obsessing over what describes depressing

Humans possess the body

The soul is the ghost

Even without the flesh, we are heathens

Habitual entities looking for an esthetic paradise

We could make dust dance

and do

For we are what possess

You aren’t your body or your 9 to 5

You are the little sparkle of crazy

in a constellation of stardust

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