They want you perfect in a world of fuckups

So, the key is to be human but never muck up

While complete screw-ups do their due diligence

To help you look the part


being human is all about being out of harmony

Its insanity for humanity

to even ponder on perfection

That is like a child ruminating about the sun

while in the womb


We want a beau ideal

from something that can’t comprehend perfection

The task is impossible

So, all we get is feed for the gossip rags

Not counting their expression (packaged and sold)

Celebs are just here to be talked about

Love and hatred is a show of affection for an obsession  

They aren’t better or worse

They are us with a spotlight forever on them

Their reputation precedes them

Therefore, prepared ideas of affection and rejection

are all they will find cause that is all we can give


We count their screw-ups and

even rank the interesting ones

Everyone loves a list of a top ten

But we would need a calculator

to calculate our own fuckups

so we don’t even bother to tally

as we rally against another V.I.P making a fallacy

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