It’s groundhog day; we are stagnate

the weight of the world is your cellmate

broadcasts on revolving politics are our Strait—

jacket which keeps us from clawing at our psyche

too much information: too little relevance

“I told the devil ‘I have two left feet: I can’t dance with you,’”

How cute of you. You gave your horn a toot

But let’s get real; humans have the zeal but can barely cartwheel

In comparison to the carnage a pathogen can cause

waltzing with the devil (a major faux pas) is like a toddler

causing a playroom mess  over a dispute with Santa Claus

 Compare a dictator to the flu, a gang of viruses that strike every holiday season

Snatching elders and babies like they were fish in a barrel

Natural criminals and statistically primeval the way they cause upheaval

“Oh, he a devil worshiper?!”

At best a weirdo and at worse a lunatic with the audacity of a crusader

Don’t believe the hype; the movies entertain

Mother nature sustains the true pintsize monsters with nothing but birdbrain

We the egg heads though

Surely, humanity can outdo the evil of lesser fiends

Though we can’t even move an effective distance without machines

with combustible engines, so we must gas up before vengeance

That is like asking for permission to buy a permit before killing

 You aren’t a monster; you are a customer

Don’t believe the hype; the gurus and prophets are variants of a hustler

Every addict needs a supplier

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