Expression slows the illness

Everyone does it

Chatter about whatever;

we are blabbermouths

but they don’t express themselves like us

with enough words we create masterpieces

with enough words, they can self destruct

talk their way into oblivion or seal their fate

with one ill-thought-out letter

We sing the same things they whisper about

We write what they leave between the lines

The perfection of presenting to the masses

Suitable presentation

Our blog post is their journal dictation

Just prettier …but looks aren’t everything

Sometimes an ugly face is the representation of  an ugly place

The pressure of the habitat can strain the muscles

When weighed down, it is easier to frown

And to smile could get you emotionally killed

We are lost in mistranslation

They feel guilt just not about what

you want them to; same impulse different gut

Furthermore, they are as sad as you

just another shade of blue

still, loneliness feels the worse while around others

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