So you did everything to attempt to destroy me

You failed; though was hailed as the victor

Now that I am on the attack

You want mercy as though it is a common courtesy

You can curtsy but you have little worth to me

Can’t respect the honor of an opportunistic dive bomber

Rules of engagement are a figment of upper management

and tit for tat is for the riffraff

I have much worse in mind—no everything isn’t fine

Acting as if we are one as though equality is a commodity

sharable between us is a frivolity

Your sanity is better used as your pacesetter

Keep yourself first; only you need to be the electorate

Over your affairs;

shifting opinions are them playing musical chairs

follow the trends and soon make amends

if you have to indulge in the popular be sure to cleanse

Take what you want; take everything

All possessions real or sociological—

is cornmeal for the diabolical

it’s illogical to think even a single follicle of hair

isn’t worth losing to an enemy—even one who is a debauchee

let them have it; your abundance will have them thinking

they run this with little risk; keep them fat

off of your dividends or odds and ends

then strike as quick as chilled and brisk winds

Such absentee parenting

meriting national recognition

it’s discouraging to think nothing is embarrassing

or it’s comforting in a wild way to think we are on the brink

above self-destruction; self-destructive reductions

is our fix for consistently feeling we are malfunctioning

A need for perfection is a mindset dipped in abjection

what does all that mean?

go easy on yourself; no test to pass and the awards

are a house of cards; history will screw up your life

like music on scratched records


No matter how beautiful the web

The smart butterfly will despise the art

It’s akin to silky phlegm on display

A soft breeze in its direction and the insect is prey

Nature is frail and cray while bursting at the seams

An abundance of beauty and carnage; a self-consuming buffet


When you move differently they will stalk relentlessly

But is its scorn or an insidious attempt to adorn

to obsessively mimic is a human trait that is inborn

aggressively protesting is a gimmick for the cynic

to indulge in the sin of the sinner being burned

“he is bad for doing that…so let me do the same act

And react as though my hypocrisy isn’t a fact.”


I prayed for friends my whole life

until I learned to acquire them

But the extreme depths of socialization

gives me the bends

If not a form of decompression sickness

I suffered from the frostbite after simple mingling

Frigid waters don’t have to be deep to chill the soul

You aren’t going to get me to believe in love

When you are competing in an arms race

Your pity isn’t a trait endowed from above

There is no curing what you foiled


You can say I didn’t matter

But you still imitate me when next up to bat

You are on deck, but your talent is a speck

Amongst a wreck of failed attempts; crippled acrobat


When it all goes to hell

What you said will be used against you

Your ego will be up for a low bid

That community you would die for will show autoimmunity


Everyday lunatics make this world spin

Hamsters on a wheel trying to win

A race at a hurried pace

Drinking that lace kool-aid like it’s going out of style


I may be an anomaly

But I am human all too human

I am damned if I do;

amongst a select few

who knows free will is a viral lie;

the psychological flu

It’s amazing how just writing out my thoughts can be relieving.

Moody pt 2

Feeling Lovey-dovey. You’re cuter than a bunny

More delightful than a comb of honey

Innocent like church giggles

But a bit fickle; why do you ‘despise’ pickles?

You could smooth the wrinkles in the fabric of time

With just the warmth of your heart

Your compassion is your ego’s rampart


I would rather be alone and easy prey

for those that pray to win a painless fray

it’s mean but I have to say

that society is an ashtray for the celestial

I have to clear my airway; I’m allergic to the decay

They rather frown but don’t want to be hailed as a clown

So, when they smile its dismay on display

I can hear your exasperation but let me relay

It is simply cliché at this point to call me a rebel

I am well adapted to slander; my ego finds solace in a clam shell

Cause when its dark out you have to protect your inner light

There is a problem with this place, dare I say

Your body is nothing but a buffet for pathogens, per se

We forget our traumas as we reproduce

So we are producing fresh produce that by five longs for a noose

Therefore, let us admit it

The path to the next generation is through a web of lies, crochet

I need no one cause to be partnered in a bobsleigh

is love for its own sake and seems fake

Even to say, “it’s positive for Christ’s sake!”

Makes me want to fall asleep alone and never wake

I’ve been losing sanity but finding peace

Sounds like a fair trade; considering,

My lease on life kept being extended

Even with a blade to my wrist

Tempting an inner beast to savor the taste of blood

It was like I was boozing heavily with no relief

Day after day falling into a toxic belief

“There is no way out of this hell”

Well, now I know there is no way out

Like being lost in a roundabout

But insanity is a fine state for me


They are scratching out the facts like playing with turntables

Melodic lies from the melodramatic

They got my name twisted so sadistically

enemies are eying me like I’m biscuits and gravy

or the flutter of a short skirt

gluttony or lust

whatever sin floats your boat

but the point is is that I don’t gloat

I just give you a keynote drifting about my head

But to witness my ego would require a rowboat to transverse the moat

Between my castle of glass and everyone else


I can flip quicker than a leaf on the breeze

Sad to happy; happy to the pits of despair

No time to prepare in a world where nothing is fair

Just for a glare, they will strip you bare

I love nothing in this world;

that’s life without a care

God made up of rain

The devil made of mud

Saturated in her grace

The good crusade against the bad

The bad is the good in ugly lighting

Morality is all about opportunistic hatred

If arrogance is my deadly sin

Then incompetence is theirs

They believe in a world that doesn’t believe in them

force-fed gossip and irrelevant data

Educate the youth now so they can be statistics later

It makes no sense, but society is sick

Therefore anything built from its soil will fail

To cure it.

You fell from grace right onto your face

“Before I die let me have vengeance”

You sterilized your soul; heart in an icebox

That just made you better at being destructive

To be that which hurt you isn’t very constructive

To see another perspective

is to lose your perspective

Empathic trance; down another rabbit hole

But the high is always interrupted

when your perspectives merge,

you forget the motivation

of the perspective that cared to be empathic

Apathy arises; syncing canceled

Some of my favorite times on this planet

was playing pretend with you

Everything was either evil or heavenly

The whole shebang debatable;

hostile anger was always cultivatable

Siding with or against pundits and celebs on topics

While obsessing over what describes depressing

Humans possess the body

The soul is the ghost

Even without the flesh, we are heathens

Habitual entities looking for an esthetic paradise

We could make dust dance

and do

For we are what possess

You aren’t your body or your 9 to 5

You are the little sparkle of crazy

in a constellation of stardust

Such an evolution with this blog. You can see it in the content of the poems, their formatting, and the range of complexity. From a seed, an inkling of a potential hobby that I was toying with, into a seedling, something I obsess over for a good ten-fifteen minutes every day or few days.

I don’t always read my news feed, but when I do, I am impressed.  I also don’t always know how to respond to interactions like comments, but I appreciate them when they come. Even if comments/likes don’t come, just you taking the time to read my stuff is cool to me. I mean it. So, thank you all.

They want you perfect in a world of fuckups

So, the key is to be human but never muck up

While complete screw-ups do their due diligence

To help you look the part


being human is all about being out of harmony

Its insanity for humanity

to even ponder on perfection

That is like a child ruminating about the sun

while in the womb


We want a beau ideal

from something that can’t comprehend perfection

The task is impossible

So, all we get is feed for the gossip rags

Not counting their expression (packaged and sold)

Celebs are just here to be talked about

Love and hatred is a show of affection for an obsession  

They aren’t better or worse

They are us with a spotlight forever on them

Their reputation precedes them

Therefore, prepared ideas of affection and rejection

are all they will find cause that is all we can give


We count their screw-ups and

even rank the interesting ones

Everyone loves a list of a top ten

But we would need a calculator

to calculate our own fuckups

so we don’t even bother to tally

as we rally against another V.I.P making a fallacy