Give me time to work on myself

Even though it’s like plucking pieces

Of an already finished puzzle

Breathing in the stale cardboard

while observing the jumbled colors printed on it

And then putting the piece back in place

Afterward, I ponder on what I accomplished

As though I did something profound

Star-studded skies and unwanted goodbyes

sweeping breezes cool me under the sunbeams

cold winter nights make me shiver

but the pitter-patter of rain droplets warms my soul

Remember me, Mr. special needs

Who used to read while others would plead for attention

Consumed with doubt that they ever will make it big

like the celebs they envy

But Mr. special needs saw that his peers were in arrears

To fulfill their needs


Take a deep breath

While Smelling the purifying droplets

Pelting the grimy streets

The outcome is a slick clean surface

And mercury-like puddles filling potholes

With the tears of heaven

I’m a one-note poet

Each line is a grimy goat

Ready to ram you

always to forcefully invoke melancholy

The outcome of the unsteady mind of a sacrificial lamb

That survived a butchered attempt to be butchered

So here is another invitation to a pity party