When I overthink things

My thoughts are like rabbits breeding

As I consistently find myself fiending for the meaning

Behind every detail of my past

Even though I know this leads to suffering

And the buffering of the present moment

For later analysis

And my inner demons are panelists for the show

That my mind is putting on

They are either booing or oohing

As I recall my every fall

I won’t accept responsibility or accountability

for a society made up of nonentities

that pass the buck like a bank teller

while looking for the next best seller

in the form of a cheap thrill to attack

cause it’s wack the way outcasts

have a target on their back

so here is my feedback

fuck society

We were friends

Close like kin

Partnered like chimes singing on the wind

When did things change

There was no bang

To signal our race away from each other

The sun that kept us warm

Is now settling into an infinite grave

Bitter coldness make memories of you

Hard to handle

So, I just want your hand to hold again.

Off meds (walking the line)

Even alone my words flow like a river

Depression so chilling that I shiver

But there is a regression into untapped spirituality

I know for a fact nothing is as it seems

Not even a beam of light can blind my intuitive eye

Yet voices in my head tell me I’m better off dead

I could collect these thoughts

Festering feelings over kaput dealings

All of them into a bucket

and push it far away from my mind’s eye

But I know that when you leave

That bucket for too long

And then dip so much as a toe back

Into the blackness

You lose everything in that second

No matter if your elderly or on your way

To be the upper one percent

One dip and everything crumbles

What is destiny

Gold for you and dust for me

Love begetting a battle for custody

No one saw it coming

but destiny did

as it manipulates

both ripe or festering outcomes

to its will because

we are who we are

before we ever got here

I left at 30 without any rhyme or reason

You left when I was a baby

Your rhythm was out of sync with her reasoning

You left without a word to me.

I did the same but only when we

We were both much older

I was too young to cry over your departure

You are too immature to pursue me