Building a shelter with every stone thrown

Throne made up gemstones

Crossbones to protect my fragile heart. Mind as chaotic as a cyclone

Keystone is a pillar of self-doubt tall enough to touch davy jones’

Locker but as fragile as a cracker. I’m not leaving; screw a recon

Just leave me be and let bygones be bygones

I confess that I learned after being burnt

Don’t bother to try to impress anyone at all

Call my ego a bun in the oven rigged with explosives

my head is about to expand and then explode

Reload, empty the clip, and then reload again

Shoot to kill my esteem

But I keep manifesting more ream after ream like a paper company  

Come for me as I am running from me. That doesn’t seem too cunning

My homecoming is forthcoming

I take a Klonopin to sedate the butterflies in my tummy

When I finally go home, none of this will matter anyway

My whole life will be a speck of dust blown away as though on a windy day

We all don’t suffer the same

Blame it on society or maybe god

Nod in agreement or frown

either way the tears of a clown

Is the worse thing to witness because the duality

Leads to fatality. Walk a mile for me in your own shoes

Before you even attempting to take on my boots

Roots run deep for each family tree

But some are mere leaves destined to fall docilely

While others are apples to be plucked and devoured

I learned to cower when I realized I was a low hanging fruit

To boot, my innards are bitter and sour

One bite and no one can stand the fright of what they just tasted…

I found a cassette tape that played such

‘Don’t smile at them

It’s like showing an open wound to a predator

They can smell your kindness

Rewind this and put it on repeat what

A feat to be as bendable as wheat caressed by the wind

Defend your pride by taking a ride off a cliff

Drift from the light into the darkness

It’s safer there but I know it’s not fair

Bare the pain cut down not across

Cross them and they will nail you to a digital cross

At that point, they all will be laughing at you or pitying you

Few—no I mean none will ever understand the concept that is you

Morning dew fried under the rising sun will be your destiny’

Holding my head up high but its just to keep from drowning

Appealing to your wants makes me feel like a bad person

My wings are clipped every time they start growing

I don’t want to be here anymore

Never did want to come

Can I go back forevermore

Cause I am cold and numb