brain dump

Goddamn pop culture, feeding vultures

Nothing but bottom feeders everywhere

Social media make these things asocial in the most obnoxious way

They push you away to be able to stalk their prey

No conversations but they treat you like you bought on the revelation

While holding on to scrapings of self-righteousness

I don’t know why everybody is uncivil

Life isn’t tragic. It’s a fucking perfect nightmare

Lunatics always on edge for the smallest bit of commercial drivel

creating campaigns to avenge their fragile ego: a disgusting affair

No one is there; life isn’t fair; these feelings are too much to bear

Forward motion fizzes out here; inert and stagnant strife yet no one can care

I know its time to leave these places behind

Before my compassion is too hard to find

I’ll never love again cause its no way to win

It’s an emotion that just helps me to surmount pain

To the top where the air is thin making my head spin

Leaving me with dissociation.

I am sick of associating with savages

After each heartbreak, I’ll never be the same again.

They say get over it baby cause holding onto it is petty

Pretty words from a fellow non-entity

In truth, all I see is either bitter or vengeful people

The latter get even and former don’t know what to believe in

From underneath the church steeple to the board room

Unrequited love is in bloom and soon certain doom

Is to befall on us soon

Flashes of memories battering the windshield that is my mind’s eye

Like autumn leaves falling from grace my self-esteem plummets

They have taken everything, but oh I can give so much more

Glimmers of hope are fireflies sporadically bursting dim light

I medicate every day but only completing my fate will put an end to this

love remains

No love lost

No compassion gained

Remain calm, or else every thought will come at a cost

Rust corrodes metal like pain does the brain

He still keeps your framed picture sitting on a mental mantel

But in the real world, he has moved on

tattooed over the scars on his heart and cursed your name

He booed you off his stage and kicked you out his bar

But you are still his boo, and he takes a drink every time he thinks of you

Because no love lost

No compassion gained

Remain calm, or else every fight fought will come at a cost


They talk first and listen only for applause

A mind augmented for arguments

In such a fury to hurry to slander

Petty banter is the most troubling cancer

Peasants trying to act fancier than their means

So mean as their tongue cuts clean

No hands; no force, just chatter used to batter

Those with a fin bake in the warming ocean till its gone

The fish are inmates I heard though we consider them aquatic lords

Just like humans, they are subject to the restraints of the place they were born


Can we start again, please

I know I disappeared on you like the world’s bees

I want to breathe you in, and never leave again

The second time around we will win

Don’t worry I am insecure too

Which I know is a realization that was already known by you

Few could crack my code, but you did in a way I never knew possible.

I am a just a posh Abel too stupid to know how to allow love to brew

Before taking it all down in a gulp

Now I know how bitter and sickening lost love is

Mobs just rob

It wasn’t his ego they broke

Folks often don’t know their own strength

scrambled yolk is all my heart is

Crystalline tears roll under my chin

They will swear to God that it wasn’t their fault and I deserved it

A fit they will throw if they ever find out they aren’t the victim but instead Judas

Jesus Christ, they are so damn cold

They struck gold with me, Mr. sensitive always ready to fold

Nothing but bold assailers but my mother says they are all failures

When coming up against God’s children and that my heavenly father

Is going to cut them down. A frown is all I can muster cause

The fuzz on the top layer of society is a thick coat of mold

A society so decayed I know deserves to be thrown away

If God keeps the peace by cutting some down then to flay

Is a waste of his and my time


I am an entity that nags the man

How low can you go? I ask as I weigh him down

With hundreds of insatiable slivers of experiences that loop

In the mind of the man that has long moved on step by step

He can try to exorcise this demon rep after rep

But I am the entity that nags the man

How high can he fly before I shoot him down?