Where this blog is going

There is going to be “shitty” poems coming as I find my style. I write books mostly. You may can tell if you notice the way I like to try desperately link lines together either with a rhyme or a ‘and,’ ‘also,’ and such.

This is just a heads up. I feel bad when I don’t hit perfection…whatever that may be.

also as for my negativity in poems, I doubt that will go away any time soon. I find solace in expressing negativity for some reason. Frankly, I think it is a symptom of my trauma. So, if you don’t like negative poems that is fine. I understand. You are still very welcome here. Just know eventually another more lighter poem will come down the hole eventually. I am versatile. But I need to find my style and right now my muse is a negative voice that beacons to be heard.

Tears don’t smear my cheeks anymore

A cold heart pumps icy depression

I wish I were a happy person

I’m an uppity nobody with the third eye of an oracle

and the social life of an aggravated hermit

We spend every waking hour daydreaming

Then when we sleep, we dream of better days

lolling in lush fields or fighting dragons while the populace is screaming

then we wake completely unfazed

Each word entices the flames // Poetry, lyrics, and songs

I told my doc that I don’t feel that anything is real. I said I feel like this is a  dream world. He showed some interest before finally saying, “I don’t care if you think this is real or not.” He chalked it all up to philosophical dramatics that would make a good essay topic. I wrote a poem instead.


I will take

It all tonight

When I refuse to wake

It won’t be me over baked

I’ll do it for you

I’ll take the infamy and your love

I’m taking it all for us

To the grave for it to be fortified till I’m dust

I hope one or a few but hopefully not you

Are there to remind me of what it was all for

I was dead before the morning dew

Now I tumble forever around the cosmos trying to remember you