No one has captured the insanity of society

The price of greed is the skillfulness to satisfy hunger

No one has captured the savage nature of nature

For everything taken something is given

Even if it is just an experience you can misinterpret as a victory

No one has captured the nuttiness of this nut house

they killed the boar after the easily hoarded sheep

Now, you have to be willing to die a wild boar in order to fight the herds of sheep

No one has captured the unrealness of human experience

10 percent of what you remember actually happened

90 percent is just hubris unraveling into assumptions

I am a product of profit protecting

Instead of prodigy perfecting

“place the child in front of the TV-

It will teach him what to be and when to bend the knee.”

All I got is poetry entwined with pop culture references

Therefore, my preferences lean toward leaving you breathless

With rage as you devoutly read every page of “drivel” appealing to a lust for the senseless

Which makes less sense if you read too much into the lyrics and not your emotional senses

Each word entices the flames // Poetry, lyrics, and songs

“They call me the best that ever was// but they are just voices in my head shouting when I get a buzz…

This confession has meant nothing…

There is an idea of a person that I am

But there is no real me

Or at least no one has even come close to finding it even with a glim

as they attempt exploration just a sound of my rupturing heart they flee

“This is just too much for me. Go find some glee. Happy thoughts make a happy life even on a whim.”

Your eyes are low at what is behind and below

you still see a pale distortion of me from the past

So, you forget me before you and talk to that shadow

You don’t hear me when I say I am not the one who can cast-

The shadow or distort it out of proper proportions

I was late to the party

Though they thought I was the center of attention

But to stay too long among the stagnate has never been a part of me

It’s not confidence

Its obliviousness to the riddles of social cognizance

I am walking a tight rope between practicality and living my dreams

The clouds are reams of emptiness I can reach

the city inhabits bustling about below look like shifting grains of sand on a beach

They don’t wish I fall; they know I will

There intimate desires I will not fulfill

Where is my mind

Your thoughts are uncontrollable

Like the swift rhythm of your heartbeat

Conscious thought is just you being conscious of a thought but still inconsolable

You aren’t your thoughts just like the way the wind isn’t the sway of wheat

I’m a dreamer or maybe a make believer

I love her.

I love you all. Though many think I am a conceiver

Including her, so confusion and love leaves me in a cold blur