These people aren’t good

They pray for the celebs that fall from the sky

Candid canned responses for cam recorded events

But their mouths water as they watch yet another human fry

Under the lights of social media which burns the soul but makes the flesh glow

These cannibals like their victims with egos tenderized for easy consumption

Each second a new word // Poetry, lyrics, and songs

He doesn’t get it

The junkie wont stop until he gets his last fix

While affixed to the crucifix, his life ending is his greatest joy

everyday above ground is a waste/ that is why he gets shitfaced everyday

or he sits in front of the TV for hours / a buffet of hearsay

A badge of honor for dying of old age / a old dog’s last new trick

if he leaps from a bridge, he only gets cadge pity from the hoi polloi

I try to fit in and everyone throws a fit

But all they do is imitate me to generate a social uproar

Then I hid away either inside or out in the open

Now I have Cabin fever, social isolation, or belittlement from love ones

My head aches as I ponder on why I don’t get it

for every bit I knit I get hit

No one likes my patterns

But the room is dark and grime clouds their lanterns