Wake up Neo

It is time for you and them to be disengaged

I know you want to save the world

But your pace will leave you enraged

In an effort to save, you will leave yourself furled

All rolled up and secure without a use to anyone

He sits behind a desk butt kissing

Cliqued up; gossiping at a gallop

Venom and a vicious bite, but he doesn’t bother hissing

I keep getting pitted against him and taking a wallop

Playlist Jumble

*I listen to my music on random often. These short shoddy-ish poems come about when I let things flow

She is a thought, a concept, something that can shift on the winds

A fabricated idea you created on spot

You viewed her through a telescopic lens

Remember, that twinkling star fought for survival to avoid rot

We are killing our enemies

Because we refuse to kill those that we love

We got guns, a large sum of funds, and Hennessy

Our paranoid intentions are pure as we pray for victory to the one above

I thought you were my brother.

I fought for you, but now all we do is fight each other

I thought you were my sister

But your actions portray that my existence is just a painful blister

My lover has got humor

When the heavens speak through her, the religious freak

Let me give you my life, I said to her

She preferred my sins and kept only the bleak

Each second a new word // Poetry, lyrics, and songs

Forbidden fruit

A sweet smell in a stuffy mine

Your hotter than the flames burning pagans to boot

The way you refuse to walk a straight line is simply divine

Times are changing

Talk to the woman upstairs

Apparently, the man in white has been unseated

Divine feminine please answer my prayers

The tide has turn, so for awhile the witches will no longer burn

Women rule, men drool, but when will it be humanity’s turn

*The changing trends in social acceptance is always interesting to view. However, it is scary to live through it. The reciprocal nature of things means all people get their chance to rule and rebel…and then the cycle is repeated. It is believed by a few intelligent historians that before the rule of the patriarchy, matriarchies ruled. If that is the case then we aren’t in a age of enlightenment but instead a age once passed. Like a clock striking 12 twice in a day, things repeat. That is the same for good and bad times.

Your thoughts?

Each second a new word // Poetry, lyrics, and songs

Experiment #2

I don’t really love being hated

It is none of your business if I am mentally ill or just evil

Above feeling ill-fated, I don’t like who I am being debated

It is not fun being a witness to who I am causing upheaval

I only speak what is honestly on my mind

And then you find it and freak out as though stepping on a mine

My expression is a slow gas leak but it is better than going to a pharmacy

*I been trying to experiment with rhyming the entire or multiple parts of at least two lines, verses. Let me know if it works in the comments. Or just say hi.

Each second a new word // Poetry, lyrics, and songs