A Sunday morning rant

Listen to me and then choose love or empathy

Never both; over that I would prefer antipathy

And please never pity

People like me are a blessing to this world

To those that love smooth appearances, we are knurled

From birth our minds are gnarled

 No father, it is too late for all that lovey-dovey shit

We are not kin; you are of too small wit

You react to everything, always ready to throw a fit

Yes, mama I do not like you

I am still overcoming the insults you loved to spew

To you, I am always your son, but you are dead to me like more than a few

One time for those praying for my down fall

Two times for that crush that never answered my call

Three times for the babysitters that forced me to run away before I could crawl

The pain of loneliness

How do I find companionship after having to abandon ship

My crew was slaughtered during war

The waters are chilling

Thrashing waves are my only kinship

My mind going to places darker than an American noir

Suicidal desires make me feel worth less than a shilling

I think of love, though I am alone, surround by carnage

Desperate and ungraceful is my carriage.

Never for you

I wouldn’t walk through hell for you

Though once you meant more to me than you knew

No, I wouldn’t even stroll through a park for you after our adieu

A single second of time on you is time horribly wasted

On a horrible ex-friend whose loyalty swayed as though inebriated

woah, I’m woeful

I personally told Lucifer before damnation not to trust the lord

He told me how could he ever trust something inconceivable

I turned into a man that thinks about money and the downfall of the horde

Like 24/7. My Misanthropy is unmovable…

Save the prayers and well wishes. I severed the cord

to humanity long ago. Your kindness means nothing; my cold heart is a crucible

Into the abyss

Many times a day I fall into the abyss

My eyes blinded; my skin frozen

Even a ray of hope can’t warm me

More than once my heart has snap froze.

My first purple heart awarded to me by fiends

In honor of surviving a cold blue and purple heart

Be present

Humanity isn’t moving towards anything

Not towards insanity or spirituality

to mature is your only hope for your offspring

Don’t live through them but instead beyond them with totality

Scream to them wisdom from the edge of the abyss


‘Youth is wasted on the youthful’

But doesn’t that mean youth is inherently wasteful?

So, could the thing you envy

Really not just be the thing you gave up willfully?

But you say look, ‘here a star and there a star

But am I too pale from age to be one too?’

Remember, the brightest stars are given the highest glories

Cause they are only used by observers to mark boundaries and territories