Take flight

Your postured wings they ripped asunder

Their tense lips, stretched thin, released, “Such audacity!”

In their doe eyes, your will for flight was just a flounder  

Know that their hatred is a form of edacity

How you endure such torture is such a wonder

Maybe you know that their blasphemy

Just fuels your desire to flee the thunder

of their empty stomachs, the dictator of their voracity

The clash of personalities

“I always kid myself as I walk through a garden

I can’t appreciate the beauty

It is obvious that depression and despair aren’t new to me

My kindness is a ruby in a bank full of pennies

But since it is unalike, it gets devalued worse than a cappuccino at denny’s

Furthermore, Lord, there is a part of me that is fiendish

His wants are outlandish

If law of attraction is real

He is summoning an asteroid to earth to end this ordeal”

“Stand back while I put these crayons to chaos

I can’t figure out why you are so soft. I am at a lost

Call me childish if you want but I got a lot of vengeance to dish

I am only praying to beg the Lord to try me or at least fry me

A lighting bolt for the man at fault for all the negative energy in the city

I emotionally cut those that are kin to me because using an actual knife on such isn’t witty”


She isn’t my lover

But I love her

Her voice alone is myrrh

To my senses

Where she came from is none of my business

Her beauty is a chemist stirring up admiration that is witless

But her wiseness is a gymnast

The way it can outperform my pessimism

My love for her is a form of fascism

Therefore, I pledge allegiance to her altruism

My want to support her is my dogmatism

Since nothing is above or below her


Sometimes I feel like I’m crazy

but take a look at my damn family tree

nothing but religious nuts and hive minded bees that act beastly

Mercy, It may seem like I have no courtesy

but the way I feel I can only be a man of controversy

treated like shit by my own family until I flushed myself from their existence

but the great cesspit that is society is still struggling with the logistics of coexistence

So only a few get admittance to a spot on stage,

the rest get locked up in a cage.

Maybe I wasn’t born sick, though they keep treating me like I was

The feeling is mutual. filthy addicts always looking for a buzz

Fuck. It is hurting me that I may have to leave behind this anger for good…


life got as worse as it was before

back when a desire for suicide corrupted my core

So once again, I got one foot out the door

please don’t mess with me; before I go I’ll let the bodies hit the floor.

I care no more. The redundancy of a painful life is a bore

Yet, I still hear voices tell me, “If you are still here, don’t succumb to the allure of the victim’s lore


I spoke with death

I begged her for admission

she said the art of dying is humanity’s shibboleth

and every thing of health is discarded by a addiction for abscission

“I just want to die; I didn’t ask for a philosophical essay.”

live and you will die, she said. Each birth day

is a year closer you are to being a buffet

for maggots