Pray for me

Talk to the man upstairs

hopefully he will answer your prayers

society is filled with meek humans that behind my back are beastly

Pray for me

these people will inherit nothing; ill tear down this house with glee

pray for me

Doubt now; doubt forever

If you poke a pet long enough it will become hostile

so much pain can be easily hidden behind a smile

I am not happy; I promise.

many wont acknowledge your goodness unless dependent on it; each a doubting Thomas

If you were Jesus, what would you say to yourself mins before dying on the cross?

“I should have killed my boss”

So long

I will soon be gone

Any childish concepts of peace are forgone

couldn’t ever find a place that I belong

the history books are wrong

they are written by whoever has the printing press

I swear I am going to leave this place

I would push a pistol into God’s face

If I didn’t think he would enjoy enjoy it