Love lost

I know that some things are better off not said,

but all you do is run through my head.

Our eyes met

And I began to fret

over the feelings inside.

I smiled and you did the same

So I relied on that simplicity

to rid myself of anxiety inside of me.

Now we converse

But my heart burst

when that loving look and smile no longer could be seen on you.

Deeply in love already wanting marry you

My boo, finally I found a clue

to how to make happiness stick like glue.

But I was really clueless

On how cruel human life can be.

Rule less Jungle of “maybes”

And why did you pay more attention to your phone than me

So ugly and annoying I must be

This feeling I have

got me wanting to flee

Feeling brushed off like a flea

In my anger, I have to hold onto some glee

Cause in my heart you still

Are with me

Poem: Depression feels like…

I am trapped underneath

an elephant’s foot

for the umpteenth

time.  My body is stumped with godly strength.

A part of me is a celebrant,

cheering for the animal’s bedevilment.

Maybe I deserve this.

Each stomp of its foot breaking my body as though it was a fragile mint.

I dehisce.

The elephant after elegantly stomping its print into me walks away content.

I am alive and in immense pain.

Why am I alive?


It’s annoying; I hate it,

feeling ill-fated and consistently baited

by punk assess.

Each snide remark like a thousand lashes

on me.


I confess that I have more patience than bravado.

You on the other hand won the lotto,

such an overabundance of aggressive ignorance.

I usually jump over the dunce and passively forget offense.

What I mean is I innately want to mend fences and spit on burning bridges.

You would jump over a wench sitting on a bench at the opportunity to lynch me.


Maybe it’s out of boredom when you give me so much attention to the point of stardom.

I’m hot under the bright spotlight.

All you want is a fight.

I’m just not into that.

I rather not be a convict after pointless conflict.

Your anger means your inner bonfire is lit. You are fueled and ready to throw a fit.


Goddamnit. I just don’t understand it. You are like a bandit the way the way you steal my confidence.

Your barbaric wantonness must be bottomless.

You talk like you have anger incontinence.

That means you can’t control yourself.

My only escape is if I go deaf,

but I bet you would learn sign language just to inflict anguish.